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English by all senses

Datum konání:

Two Friday classes in the eighth grade were marked by learning and testing.

We currently discussing topic of the Human Body so we could not neglect all five senses.

We verified whether we have the so-called "all five together" in several activities.

Started by touch sense and tracked how long it would take us to find the given object in the bag.

This was followed by a test of sight connected with memory and also a test of color perception. Everyone also tested their sense of smell on several scents (cinnamon, onion, eucalyptus ointment and the teacher's favorite perfume J).

Using a QR code in worksheets, we played a video that helped us test the age of our hearing. We have found the results very interesting as some of the ear ages double the actual age of their owner. We finished everything with a taste test, in which the students had to guess what they were eating without the help of sight (which is very important while eating). According to the well-known saying from the fairy tale: "We have a choice of tastes and what's sweet doesn't have to be salty", the menu was really varied, from homemade yogurt and marmalade to ketchup and pickles. The students passed all the tests with flying colors and we all had a good time, while learned new English expressions. We are looking forward to more fun learning together.